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"Carolina In The Morning"


Although Kitty Hawk is the name known throughout the world as the home of the first flight, the actual "first airstrip" was not here, but in Kill Devil Hills. We'll learn more about this later.

Seascape Golf Course

When Orville Wright first stepped ashore in Kitty Hawk Village in the fall of 1900, he probably already knew he and his brother, Wilbur, would make history. The remoteness of the tiny fishing village provided the privacy from prying eyes that the brothers were seeking.

Windsurfing is very popular in the Kitty Hawk area. Do you wonder where the name Kitty Hawk originated. No one knows for sure but one popular theory is that Kitty Hawk is the closest English pronounciation of the Indian word Chickahauk, meaning "goose-hunting ground." Sounds logical to me.

Conditions here are perfect for hang-gliding. Launched from a sand dune, the gliders are airborne immediately. You can see them flying over the beach and over the ocean, colorful "kites" in the sky.

Hey, has anyone seen Lucky or Shadow? Most of you know that Lucky owns Marcy and Joe and Shadow owns Bev and Bobby. They're the USA Drifters' mascots and sometimes travel along with us. We've looked everywhere - except UP!

Is that Lucky in that hang glider?

And there's Shadow. You two get down here immediately. I'll bet anything it was Shadow who talked Lucky into hang gliding, but he does look like he's enjoying himself. LOL

Today, the once tiny seaside village of Kitty Hawk is one of the largest townships on the Outer Banks. Still, life takes on a leisurely pace that is reminiscent of the way Outer Bankers used to live.

If you'll just click on the little lighthouse below and follow the beacon, we're going about four miles farther south.