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"Gone To Carolina
In My Mind"

OK, everybody ... DUCK! No, sit up. Everything is OK. I just meant we're in Duck, North Carolina, just a little south of Corolla.

Named for the sheer numbers of waterfowl that once flocked here during migratory seasons, Duck has experienced rapid growth over the past ten years. Duck is a thriving year-round town as well as vacation destination. Characterized by quaint boutiques, fine dining, and a variety of water sports both on the sound and in the ocean, Duck is rapidly becoming one of the most popular beach destinations in the country.

At the north end of the town, the Army Research Pier is a fascinating attraction worth an afternoon tour. The facility was created to study the dynamic processes of the barrier islands.

Over the years, a wealth of data gathered during hurricanes and Nor'easters have helped planners and builders better understand the impact of wind, water, and waves on coastal construction.

If anyone ever tells you to go fly a kite - well, you couldn't find a better place to do it than on the beaches of Duck, NC with its strong ocean breezes.

Before we leave Duck, let's take a brief look at just a few of the waterfowl that can be found here.

Well, of course, ducks. Here's the beautiful Mallard.

Ah, the lovely Snowy Egret, so graceful and so patient. They'll stand perfectly still for ages waiting for a suitable fish to swim by.

This is a Little Blue Heron. We can see a Snowy Egret in the background.

Time to move on. We did have to have the Chevy's carburetor cleaned out. So much sand - it gets into everything. I see the little fisherman below is having some great luck fishing off of Duck's beaches. I think if we give him a gentle click, it won't bother him or scare the fish away. Let's try it.